Thunderstorm asthma is a unique event which can effect even those not previously suffering from asthma. In this podcast we discuss the underlying anatomy and physiology which leads to this complicated event. In doing so, we chat about breathing mechanisms, the difference between a normal and an asthmatic airway, and some treatments available for asthma.

Guest Panelist

Dr Jane Bourke is a Senior Lecturer in Pharmacology at Monash University, where she leads the Respiratory Pharmacology Group. Her research focuses on identifying improved therapeutic strategies in chronic lung diseases. She has unique expertise in Australia with an innovative technique in which changes in intrapulmonary airway and artery lumen area can be visualized in situ in precision cut lung slices. With numerous local and international collaborators, she has applied this approach in preclinical studies in animal models of asthma, COPD, infection, pulmonary hypertension and bronchopulmonary dysplasia to study disease mechanisms and test novel therapeutic interventions. More recently, she has commenced studies using human tissues to facilitate clinical translation.

Jane has published her research in specialist respiratory and pharmacology journals (Thorax, European Respiratory Journal, AJRCMB, American Journal of Physiology (Lung), Respiratory Research, Trends in Pharmacological Sciences, British Journal of Pharmacology) as well as multidisciplinary journals (Nature Communications, Clinical Science, Scientific Reports). She is currently an Editorial Board Member for Frontiers in Physiology and Scientific Reports.

Topics Covered

  • Respiratory system (from nose to alveoli)

  • Gas exchange

  • How breathing works –

    • rib cage

    • expansion/relaxation

  • Pathophysiology of asthma

  • Oxygen delivery devices

  • Allergens

  • Asthma
Episode 1: Thunderstorm Asthma and Respiration
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