Episode 9: Hypertension and the Kidney

Hypertension is often symptomless despite its affected millions of people. On this episode, we will discuss the role of the kidney in hypertension, define hypertension and discuss how pre-term births might contribute to this often silent disease. Treatments will also

Episode 7: Inflammation – Is it a bad word?

Many consider the word “inflammation” a bad word! On this episode we will discuss what inflammation is, when it is good (and bad!). We will also “dissect” the link between inflammation and the immune system. Guest Panelists Michelle Leech’s Twitter

Episode 5: Heart Attacks

NSAIDs, like nurofen or celebrex, have been linked to heart attacks! On this episode we will define what a heart attack is as well as discuss the anatomy of the heart and the physiology linking heart attacks to NSAIDs. Guest

Episode 2: Dialysis and Kidney Physiology

Renal failure can be caused by a variety of diseases including diabetes.  Many of us may either be undergoing dialysis or know someone who is.  This podcast will discuss the anatomy and physiology of normal kidney function as well as

Episode 1: Thunderstorm Asthma and Respiration

Thunderstorm asthma is a unique event which can effect even those not previously suffering from asthma. In this podcast we discuss the underlying anatomy and physiology which leads to this complicated event. In doing so, we chat about breathing mechanisms,