Episode 18: Inflammatory Bowel Disease

In this episode of Ask Anatomist, we explore the GastroIntestinal System, and how it can go wrong. Guest Panelists Monash University – Research Profile Page Biomedicine Discovery Institute – Research Page Sonja McKeown received her Bachelor of Science (Honours) from

Episode 9: Hypertension and the Kidney

Hypertension is often symptomless despite its affected millions of people. On this episode, we will discuss the role of the kidney in hypertension, define hypertension and discuss how pre-term births might contribute to this often silent disease. Treatments will also

Episode 2: Dialysis and Kidney Physiology

Renal failure can be caused by a variety of diseases including diabetes.  Many of us may either be undergoing dialysis or know someone who is.  This podcast will discuss the anatomy and physiology of normal kidney function as well as