The thyroid is a hormone producing gland located in the neck. Thyroid activity is linked to a variety of bodily functions; with many suffering from an under or over active thyroid with symptoms of these conditions affecting weight and activity levels. In certain conditions, thyroid removal is necessary – tune in to find out more, along with the surgical process.

Guest Panelists

James Lee is an academic endocrine surgeon at The Alfred and Monash Health in Melbourne, and a Senior Lecturer at Monash University. His key clinical interest is in the management of patients with thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal tumours. His research interest is in the discovery of molecular biomarkers to improve the diagnosis and prognosis of thyroid cancer on fine needle aspiration biopsy samples. James received the Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Sydney for his thesis on the miRNA biomarkers of papillary thyroid cancer. James was awarded the RACS Foundation for Surgery Senior Lecturer Fellowship for 2017 – 18. His current research is supported by the Epworth Research Institute, The Aftershock, and IMPACT Philanthropy. James is passionate about research training for the next generation of surgeons. He is the director of the RACS-accredited, Monash University course “Surgical Research Essentials (SuRE)”. With this intensive course, James hopes to provide surgical trainees, residents and medical students the foundation skills needed to kick start their research endeavours.

Topics Covered

  • Anatomy & Histology of the Thyroid gland
  • Thyroid Hormones
  • Clinical investigations for Thyroid function
  • Thyroid Surgery
Episode 13: Thyroid Cancer
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