1 in 6 Australian couples will experience infertility or sub-fertility when attempting to conceive; the factors impacting fertility are multi-faceted and can impact either male and females, or both.  Learn more about some of the causes of infertility and how IVF can counter these.

Guest Panellists

Professor John Carroll obtained his PhD from the University of Adelaide before moving to the MRC Experimental Embryology Unit in London. John moved to University College London (UCL) in 1996. From 2007 he became the Director of the UCL Division of Biosciences. After moving to Monash in 2012 John has led the formation of the Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute. His research is focused on understanding the mechanisms of oocyte development, maturation and fertilization in mammals. His laboratory is known for using live cell imagery to address questions that improve understanding of oocyte polarity, the control of meiosis and the fidelity of chromosome segregation in the oocyte and early embryo. His research has been funded by long term MRC Programme Grants and the ARC and the results published in leading journal including Nature Cell Biology, Science, Developmental Cell, Development and Journal of Cell Biology.

Topics Covered

  • Infertility
  • Events involved with fertility
  • Definition and causes of infertility
  • Reproductive organ anatomy
Episode 12: Infertility
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